Chikari no Esuperasou

Oath of Hope

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Background Info:
Alex and Platina are twin brothers despite their differences in appearances, attitude, personality, and strength. Alex is older than Platina. However, their lives changed when their father, The King, suddenly orders the twins to engage in a "war of succession", deposing Alex as the crown prince in favor of determining his successor by a test of strength. The winner will become King and the loser will die. Will they able to kill each other?

This is a subtle boy's love game for your PC. If you like this, then you should try Fantastic Fortune. They are created by the same artist, Azusa Yuhki.


Characters Insight:
Alexandru Pastenr -- Alex (pronounced "Alec") for short. The First Prince of Hell and Platina's older twin. A kindhearted, naive boy who sometimes acts like a spoiled brat.
Platina Pastenr -- The Second Prince of Hell and Alex's younger twin. A very serious and intelligent young man. Unfortunately, he has very little stamina and requires a great deal of rest.
Sapphirus Hawthorne -- Alex's advisor. He's very indulgent of Alex.
Jade Davis -- Platina's advisor. A manipulative man who seems to enjoy teasing Platina.
Ruby Jackson --An angel hunter and chivalrous thief.
Carrol Martell --A heretic priest who takes care of half-angel children.
Lhodo Chrosite --A bounty hunter and con-artist. She seeks the one who cursed her in order to turn back to normal.
Plum -- He is the last of an ancient race called the Aprasas. They have a different magic than demons and are very long-lived.
Beryl -- People call him the immortal "Blue Sage", but who is this mysterious boy really? He certainly seems to know a lot about the two princes.
Zil Hiragi -- Ex-assassin turned artist. He lives as a hermit on a mountain.


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2. No bashing or hate on characters or seiyuus. ^^ Try to be friendly.
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4. Please be MATURE and respect for others. This may contain some contains that may be unsuitable for anyone.
5. Enjoy. Please don't forget to introduce yourself. ^^V


Apocripha/0 Blog Crew:
[x] Alexandru Pastener
[x] Platina Pastener
[x] Sapphirus Hawthrone
[x] Jade Davis
[x] Ruby Jackson
[x] Carrol Martell
[x] Lhodo Chrosite
[x] Plum (not taken)
[x] Beryl (not taken)
[x] Zil Hiragi (not taken)
[x] Seles (not taken)

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